Sugar Lips

Our name was stumbled upon by Richie from a Yam companies Logo and name. Sugar Lips, California Jams. From 1996 -1997 our band went from Westons numerous attempts at a business studio to his revamped garage studio. We spent countless hours rehearsing and finally recording and when we finally got to the point of completion a couple of pivotal events happened in the bands lineup which redirected our focus to eventually splitting up.

Comprised of Weston, Alejandro, Richie, Jesse and Me, Johnny. We rerecorded some of my former bands(formerly 7mary3) tunes as well as constructed a 3 song ep that has yet been released called Manufacturers Suggested Retail. The idea was to release an ep and sell it a t live gigs for five bucks but since our band split up because of many reasons. Me leaving San Diego for Denver eventually stiffled the progress in the mastering of this project.

Here are some almost cd quality unmastered recordings of those songs.

geraldo(mp3) From the inspiration of Alejandro I took his idea of having a song about talk shows and this is what happened. The lyrics suggest that I have taken on the personality of the most noteable real life characters I'd been bewildered by at the time From Jerry, to Sally to Geraldo.

miagi76(mp3) Miagi 76 came about at work. Richie and I were busboys at a restaraunt. At the table 76 he said to me we need a song about Mr Miagi and the Karate Kid Trilogy. Because Mr Miagi played by Pat Morita was also Arnold on the sitcom Happy Days This tongue in cheek spoof of what would be the Cliff notes of the movies associates the two characters in a really clever way.

chuck(mp3) Chuck was inspired by the legendary Chuck Yeager. Although a qualified individual to participated in the United States Space program after breaking the sound barrier in a plane his list of noteable accomplishments end... I took that idea and dreamed of a world influenced by Chuck Yeager flying in space and his accomplishing the speed of light. Anywho its a based on truth but is ficticious adjunct to the story Chuck Yeager flying the speed of light.