A look at talk shows from the eyes of Johnny

I robbed your house, cheated on my wife,

I dress like a slut, my thirteen year old child was a recluse reckloose.

I pierced my penis, tatooed my skull,I am a bisexual prostitute doin what I can to make my end meet with nothing less than Andrew Jacksons Forty dollars for a blow in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you can imagine

(chorus)Why? I do these things to me cuz I love the drugs I do I'm free, free to be what I wanna but you see me as a freak.

I lost my son, beated all my life, I have a big butt, my birthing cheer sold headlines with one toothed baby five.

Now thay have their own show 153 more teeth. Banjos playin playing a plent always waitin for the next hootinany.


Talk show people sitting blank expounding on their mental scars all quick judgemental they stand so small.

Real men wouldn't be caught dead in the fall is your time so droll.

People in the crowd just make fun of me with friends like them who needs an enemy

Just came here to see me on T.V. now I believe that there the ones I came to see

Their lifes a joke to me Standing there in front of me shouting how my life is suppossed to be Supposed to be? When they dont even know me

Lyrics: Johnny Cook

Music: Sugar Lips

© 1997 sugar lips